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Patrick loves adding content daily via his Twitter accounts @Outlawtory and @Dragonfireideas.

If Patrick isn’t lying through his undercharge bankrupt ass, he’s living in a fantasy world where a 40 yr. old man who’s been sued, claimed bankruptcy, lost bankruptcy because he didn’t pay his trustee so he was left in bankruptcy purgatory, had the protections of bankruptcy removed and will no longer be able to avoid paying because he’ll be garnished. Well, when he decides to work a little.

He owes Robert Day $110,000 from a judgement against him for libel, but he continues. Check back soon while we all learn why he’s a fucking loser.

Oh, and he’s got a mullet, is balding, and still lives at home in his dad’s basement. He’s the prototypical internet troll and will never be more than that. Did I mention he’s single? LOL!